end of week 1 - go!

- started off the new year with a (brief) hike through castle rock.
- brushed twice and flossed everyday this week (+ listerine)!
- made baked halibut and chocolate pots, courtesy of jamie oliver.
- also made make-ahead steel cut oats.
- tried making lemon curd and lemon marmalade but the results were not edible…
- tracking expenses - yes! saving money - no!
- taking a picture everyday back on track.

not a bad start - only 994 days left to go.

here we go again.

Ringing in the new year (and procrastinating my quarter-life crisis until now) by starting a new list. Is it sad that I can’t think of anything else I’d like to accomplish in the next 2.5 years? Other than travelling and baking of course.

Well let’s not start off on such a pessimistic note. My mantra (hopefully) for the upcoming future:

10 Ways to Love Others (via)

1. Tell them about their brilliance. They likely can’t see it and they don’t know its immensity, but you can see it, and you can illuminate it for them.

2. Be authentic, and give others the gift of the real you and a real relationship. Ask your real questions. Share your real beliefs. Go for your real dreams. Tell your truth.

3. Don’t confuse “authenticity” with sharing every complaint, resentment, or petty reaction in the name of “being yourself.” Meditate, write, or do yoga to work through anxiety, resentment, and stress on your own so you don’t hand off those negative moods to everyone around you. Sure, share sadness, honest dilemmas, and fears, but be mindful: don’t pollute.

4. Listen, listen, listen. Don’t listen to determine if you agree or disagree. Listen to get to know what is true for the person in front of you. Get to know an inner landscape that is different from your own, and enjoy the journey. Remember that if, in any conversation, nothing piqued your curiosity and nothing surprised you, you weren’t really listening.

5. Don’t waste your time or energy thinking about how they need to be different. Really. Chuck that whole thing. Their habits are their habits. Their personalities are their personalities. Let them be, and work on what you want to change about you—not what you think would be good to change about them.

6. Remember that you don’t have to understand their choices to respect or accept them.

7. Don’t conflate accepting with being a doormat or betraying yourself. Let them be who they are, entirely. Then, you decide what you need, in light of who they are. Do you need to make a direct request that they change their behavior in some way? Do you need to take care of yourself better? Do you need to set a boundary or to change the relationship? Take care of yourself well, without holding anyone else in contempt.

8. Give of yourself, but never sacrifice or compromise yourself. Stop if resentment is building and retool. Don’t do the martyr thing. It helps no one and nothing.

9. Remember that everyone you encounter was created by divine intelligence and has an important role to play in the universe. Treat them as such.

10. If you want to keep growing emotionally and spiritually for the rest of your life, accept this as your mantra and try to live as if it were true: Everything that I experience from another human being is either love, or a call for love.

the list (ver. 2.0).

1. Finish list of 101 things.

2. Take pictures of all of my 101 in 1001.


3. Get my weight down to 125 and maintain for at least two months. [0/60]

4. Drink at least a liter of water for fourteen consecutive days. [0/14]

5. Brush twice a day, floss everyday, and Listerine weekly for at least one month. [0/30]

6. Get annual physicals and all necessary exams. [0/3]

7. Eat a piece of fruit everyday for a month. [0/30] 


8. Exercise three times a week for two months. [0/24]

9. Complete the hundred push up challenge.

10. Attend a yoga class.

11. Complete a 30-day yoga challenge. [0/30]

12. Complete the couch to 5k plan. 

13. Run three miles without stopping.

14. Run a 5k.

15. Run a half marathon.

16. Take a dance class. 

17. Take a multivitamin everyday for one month.


17. Visit NYC. 

18. Go to Spain and eat paella. 

19. Go to Ireland and drink a pint of Guinness. 

20. Go to Japan and visit Fushimi Inari Temple.

21. Go to Turkey and visit ancient Ephesus.

22. Go to Egypt and visit Karnak Temple.

23. Go back to China/Taiwan. 

24. Sleep outside (in a tent or under the stars). 

25. Go snowboarding. 

26. Have a night at the symphony/opera/ballet. 

27. Go back to Vancouver. 

28. Go whale-watching. 

29. Go to a drive-in. 

30. Go back to Santa Barbara.

31. Complete the Big To-Do SF (100 Things To Do Before You Die). 

32. Walk/bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. 

33. Attend a concert per season. [0/7]

34. Attend five free concerts. [0/5]


35. Attend a cooking class.

36. Make at least one thing from every cookbook I own. [0/24]

37. Go wine-tasting.

38. Buy everyone in a bar a drink. 

39. Eat at The French Laundry. 

40. Eat at Bouchon Bakery.

41. Try one new recipe a month (don’t be a lazy cook). [0/33] 

42. Eat at Gary Danko, Frances, Commis, Acquerello.

43. Eat at Contigo, Domo, flour + water, Hachi Ju Hachi, Troya, Zero zero.

44. Complete the 2012 Big Eat San Francisco (100 Things To Try Before You Die).

45. Complete the Big Sweet (50 Treats to Eat Before You Die). 

46. Try 20 foods I’ve never eaten before. [0/20]

47. Complete 100 Chinese Foods to Try. 

48. Complete my baking/cooking bucket list.

49. Go to a Farmers’ Market at least once a month. [0/33] 

50. Cook once a week for three months. [0/12] 

51. Finish every recipe in cookbook.  

52. Hit every stop Bourdain recommended in The Layover: SF. [0/25] 

53. Eat a piece of fruit everyday for one month. [0/365]

54. Write 100 yelp reviews. [0/100]

55. Complete 7x7 cheap eats.



56. Save money for a vacation.

57. Save six-month emergency fund.

58. Put away enough to max out my IRA and 403(b) contributions every year for three months.

59. Donate $10/week to MSF. 

60. Spend less than $100/week for two months. [0/8]

61. Make a budget and stick to it for two months. [0/8]

62. Track daily expenses everyday for two months. [0/8] 

Friends & Family 

63. Treat sistar to a meal (+ fantasia). 

64. Turn an acquaintance into a friend. 

65. See 外公 外婆 at least twice a month. 


66. Read 101 books. [0/101]

67. Watch the sun rise. 

68. Learn Farsi, Korean, French, or Portuguese.

69. Volunteer for a music festival. 

70. Get up when alarm goes off for seven consecutive days. [0/7] 

71. Be in bed by midnight (excluding nights when I go out) for at least two months. [0/8]

72. Ride a motorcycle.  

73. Spend an afternoon reading.

74. Play a round of golf.   

75. Finish 30 books from BBC’s Big Read.

76. Complete interior/exterior detailing for my car. 

77. Keep an herb garden alive for a least a season.

78. Take a picture every day for one year. [0/365]

79. Finish A Day in the Life challenge.

80. Clean out my closet.

81. Complete thirty-three things from 365 in SF. [0/33] 

82. Send out a care package at least once a month. [0/33]

83. Move into my own apartamento. 

84. Complete a 20/20 Home Cure each season. [0/11] 

85. Take a photog class.

86. Adopt a dog. 

87. Learn to sew.

88. Get promoted or find a new job. 

89. Go a month without television (video games are ok). 

90. Declutter! 

91. Throw a party.

92. Go on an outdoor adventure at least once a month. [0/33] 

93. Keep house and kitchen clean 20 minutes a day for two months.

94. Spend a rainy afternoon not watching tv.

95. Become a member of a publicly-support program (i.e. museum or PBS) and use its benefits.

96. Create a collection of photos I’ve taken for my apartamento (contingent on my actually moving out).

Baking/Cooking Bucket List

45. donuts
49. bread pudding
50. croissant
51. baguette
52. beignet
53. cream puff
54. bagel
55. brioche
56. challah
57. Italian bread (ciabatta)
58. scone
59. gelato
60. babka
61. rugelach
62. Danish
63. egg tart
64. pie
65. marshmallow cookies
66. gnocchi
67. ramen?
68. pasta sauce from scratch
69. green onion pancakes
70. Chinese tea eggs
71. Shao mai
72. steel cut oatmeal
73. mulled wine
31. Make pasta from scratch.
32. Bake a loaf of bread from scratch.
37. Make risotto. 
38. Learn to make a mocha. 
- semifreddo
- churro
- iced coffee 

the list - in conclusion.

out of 101 tasks, i only finished 48.

final countdown list here.

71. The George Carlin Letters: The Permanent Courtship of Sally Wade by Sally Wade

71. The George Carlin Letters: The Permanent Courtship of Sally Wade by Sally Wade

71. She-Wolves: The Women Who Ruled England Before Elizabeth by Helen Castor

71. She-Wolves: The Women Who Ruled England Before Elizabeth by Helen Castor

71. Mastiff: The Legend of Beka Cooper by Tamora Pierce

71. Mastiff: The Legend of Beka Cooper by Tamora Pierce

92. Develop a Sunday routine.

This was my 奶奶 - my dad’s mom. In the fall of 2010, she contracted pneumonia and developed a buildup of phlegm, causing her to cough constantly. In addition, because of her advanced age (90+!), her epiglottis - that flap that blocks food from entering the windpipe - was weakened and she had trouble keeping food from going into the wrong pipe. 

Basically, she had trouble eating, making her weaker, which made her want to eat less.

My dad asked me and my sister to visit her on the weekends to make sure she ate lunch. During the week, she had a helper come in during the day, as well as lunchtime food delivery. However during the weekend, she was usually by herself and ate reheated salty Chinese takeout/lunchbox leftovers from the week. Since we were the grandkids, she felt obilged to eat while we ate lunch with her, and even more compelled to eat what we had brought/bought specifically just for her. Haha! Yes, we used common courtesy to coerce her into eating.

And so my sister and I went to her apartment on Sundays to bring her food, make sure she ate, and maybe take her out for pearl milk tea or a walk around the block.

Her health didn’t get better over the winter. I still don’t know how this happened, but her dentures stopped working (??) and all her bottom teeth fell out (???) so she stopped being able to chew real food. Either the lunch delivery takeout would be sent through a food processor or we’d buy her congee. We also started sneaking Ensure into her “mochas” (aka Ovaltine) to help supplement her meals. Seeing her every so often in the summer quickly turned into every Sunday and once or twice during the week.

And then, at the end of February, things got worse.

She stopped eating. She couldn’t get up or walk. She had to be lifted from her chair to her bed. She was hospitalized. The nurses gave her an IV drip which hydrated her and gave her lots of nutrients, giving everyone a sense of hope. People were talking about temporary hospice stays and regaining muscle strength.

She died March 14th, 2011.

71. Bossypants by Tina Fey

71. Bossypants by Tina Fey

71. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

71. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

71. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

71. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

71. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

71. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

71. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

71. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

sorry guys, I know I keep promising updates, but things have been… keeping me preoccupied. soon!

sorry guys, I know I keep promising updates, but things have been… keeping me preoccupied. soon!